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Participation terms

Glacier Marathon on 7th July 2024

The organizer or representatives of this event accept no responsibility for any damages, accidents or injuries of any type that may possibly occur caused by deliberate or gross negligence in the participation in the Glacier Marathon Pitztal 2023.

This is effective for the sponsors, the individual areas in Pitztal. I confirm that for the participation in this competition I have trained, I am physically fit and my health has been certified by a doctor.

I understand that my registration data, photos which are made, video recordings and interviews in radio, television, books, photo mechanised duplication, can be used and passed on.
The registered data of every participant can also be forwarded confidentially to sponsors and partners of Glacier Marathon.
The participant ensures that the date of birth and personal best time are correct and that the start number will not be passed on to another person.

I accept that I can be disqualified if I leave the marked route, change the start number in any way especially if I hide or change the sponsors print. If I do not complete, if the event is cancelled or interrupted due to force majeure, I have no entitlement for a reimbursement of my entry fee. In an injury-related withdrawal up to 4 weeks prior to the event (04th of June 2023), the entry fee can exceptionally be reimbursed.

In the event of no-show, cancellation of the event or interruption due to force majeure, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the organizational fee.

It is also forbidden that participants take a dog as companionship. Spectators on the other hand are welcomed so long as the dogs are kept on leads. The organizer can make minor changes to the time scheduling if necessary.

With the payment of the entry fee declares every participant that they understand the rules of the competition. It will be reinforced again that the marathon routes will be mostly run on the Pitztaler main road and that the traffic will only be partly closed. The police and volunteers will be in charge of the necessary road closures and safety measures. In the event of any damage or theft, no responsibility can be accepted. The start is at your own risk and every participant is responsible for their own fitness.

(Information from data protection: Your data will be automatically stored)

Control point:
All participants who haven’t reached the control point in Wenns (km 31) at 12.00 am will not be allowed to carry on with the competition.

Finishing time:
All participants that haven’t reached the finish line at 2.00 pm will not be listed in the official results.

Time keeping:
The Time keeping is arranged with our partner race result austria. The time-keeping chip is included in the start number, so no additional fees are necessary.
But it has to be used only time keeping chip which is included in the start number.

Medical service / race doctor
Safety and race attendants: Police, Fire service and different Pitztal clubs.
Massage: will be offered in the finish area in Arzl Pitztal.

Disqualification: With bad sportsmanship (taking short cuts, disobeying instructions from officials) participants can be disqualified. The normal traffic rules apply and participants that run on the left hand side of the roads will be strictly dealt with. The organizer has the right to disqualify any participants that run on the left hand side of the road without reimbursing their entry fee.