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For the 15th Glacier Marathon 03-04 July 2021

Created by the organizer Tourism Association Pitztal, Gerhard Gstettner – Covid representative Pitztal and for the Glacier Marathon.

This safety concept addresses the hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In connection with the applicable distance regulations and the avoidance of large gatherings of people in confined spaces, we as organizers in the field of running see it as suitable to be able to hold our event without being exposed to an increased risk of infection. The respectively valid Covid-19 regulation of the Austrian federal government will of course be followed without exception.

For the Glacier Marathon the 3G rule applies: participation if tested, vaccinated, recovered. At these points we check the 3G proof:

  • At the entrance to the tennis hall in Wenns for the start number pick up on July 3 (the test proof must be valid at least until Sunday, July 4).
  • At the late registration/start number pick up in Mandarfen on July 4
  • At the late registration/start number pick up in Wenns on July 4

Covid-19 Regulation:
In order to comply with the federal Covid-19 regulations in force at the time of the event, the entire event will be divided into sub-events (Marathon, Half Marathon, Run&Fun). Depending on the prescription, starter blocks will range from ten to 50 people. Here can be reacted at short notice to loosenings or tightenings, so that also single starts can take place.

Before the race:
We, as the organizer, reserve the right to exclude participants from risk areas that are only classified as such after 01.07.2021 from participating in the event, even on site.  At all contact points the valid Covid-19 rules will be easily visible.


  • Registration is contactless online or in compliance with state Covid-19 regulations.
  • Information about the current protection regulations will be visible on the event page. Of course, the organizer’s employees/helpers will also adhere to the Covid-19 regulation. The Race-Magazine will contain all details and will be sent to all participants in advance.

Race briefing and information about the procedure:

  • There will be no on-site briefing. All participants will receive the race magazine in advance by email.
  • Questions and information about the briefing documents can be asked by email.
  • Each participant confirms by signature on the email printout of a corresponding form that he/she accepts and complies with the current Covid-19 regulations.

Arrival and accommodation:

  • Takes place analogous to existing entry and accommodation regulations.

Saturday 3 July 2021. Start number pick up:
Should the currently valid Covid-19 regulation of the federal government provide it, all employees/helpers of the glacier marathon have a current test result or are recovered or vaccinated (3Gs). In the PitzPark in Wenns the start number distribution takes place as every year. Only employees of the Gletschermarathon and registered participants, who gain access to the area through the 3Gs, have access. The exit is located behind the PitzPark. Thus a meeting of the participants is impossible. In the tennis hall the 2 meter distance rules and the FFP2 mask obligation apply. There will be no pasta party at Pitz Park this year.

Race day – Sunday, July 4, 2021 – No spectators are allowed in the start areas and the finish area.

Start area in Mandarfen, 08.00, all marathon runners and the first runners of the relays.
All athletes who can prove the 3Gs are allowed to enter. The start will be in tranches of ten to 50 (depending on the currently valid Covid-19 regulation of the federal government). Based on experience, the field of runners spreads out within the first five minutes. Alternatively, individual starts may be timed.

Start area Wenns, 10.00 a.m., all half marathon runners and
Start area Wenns, 10.30 a.m., all Run& Fun runners
All athletes who meet the 3Gs are eligible. The start will be in 10 to 40 tranches (depending on the currently valid Covid-19 regulation of the federal government). According to experience, the field of runners spreads out within the first five minutes. Alternatively, individual starts can also be carried out with a time delay.

Finish area – event area:
Due to various regulations, the following measures have been taken regarding the event area: There will be no big tent anymore and the incoming athletes will leave the finish area after a short break and go to the public area. The winners take the cups and medals themselves. The food and drinks are covered by the catering on site, these are subject to the current Covid-19 regulations at the time and are located outside the event area.

Spectators/chaperones/guardians will not have access to the finish area. These are exclusively in the public area and must adhere to the general guidelines and distance regulations.

  • First Aid/ Road Traffic Regulations – Red Cross/Police:

Red Cross and Police responders are responsible for ensuring that current safety measures are fully addressed within their jurisdiction.

Contact tracking. With the collection of the starting documents all participants will be registered. Registration is necessary to be able to react accordingly in case of a positive reported Covid-19 test within 2 weeks after the event. The registration includes e-mail address and cell phone number. By means of the online system of the race control, the participants of each sub-event can be informed separately or/and also together, should a Corona case become known. In case of a Corona case, this data is available to the BH Imst.

Track marshals:

  • Track marshals also wear a mouth/nose guard/face visor. Further restrictions are not necessary here. The marshals are located along the running course, at neuralgic points (crossroads). They keep a minimum distance of 1-2 meters.

After the race:

  • Participants are asked to leave the finish channel and aid station quickly after finishing to keep the space free for other finishers.
  • Medals can be taken without contact.
  • When leaving the finish channel, the bib number must be removed and the runner must leave the event area. Thus the runner is “out of the race”.
  • All participants commit themselves, in case of a positive Covid-19 test result up to two weeks after the event, to report the case to us immediately – > See contact tracking.